Fairy Tail arrives for Android and iOS thanks to Garena

Garena is well known for its battle royale game, Free Fire. However, Garena is more than just a developer of a single game, it’s a publisher. Now, Garena decided to publish a new game that is slightly different from Free Fire. We’re talking about a new RPG game based on the popular Fairy Tail anime. The game is now reaching Taiwan and Indonesia. For now, it’s available in Chinese with versions for Android and iOS. Interestingly enough, it’s the same game launched last year by Tencent as Fairy Tail Magic Guide.

The game is a turn-based RPG, with a huge amount of gacha elements. Unfortunately, this is a game with Auto mode and sometimes you’ll feel like everything is on auto.

Fairy Tail: Magic Guide

At first glance, Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! sounds like a good idea, but it’s an RPG that uses all the things we hate about mobile games. For example, there is no button to speed up the game (speed). Another issue, the damage, in general, is low, and the game forces you to spend hours just watching a fight. So far, the game has everything to not make a success. Despite the bad gameplay, the game has beautiful graphics. But we assume that this will not be able to save it from a failure. For now, Garena should focus on making it a fun experience. Not just a game that plays alone.

Fairy Tail: Magic Guide 4.3.90 para Android - Download em Português

For now, there’s no word about international availability.


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