Rocket League split screen multiplayer issue to soon get a fix on Nintendo Switch

Back in 2015, Psyonix launched its vehicular multiplayer soccer video game titled Rocket League on numerous platforms. The game is currently available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. Soon after the launch, Rocket League manage to garner a lot of attention and success towards it. Last month, the developers made the game free-to-play on all the platforms. Of course, the title now attracted even more potential players to the server.

The key to this success of the title is the constantly added features apart from the gameplay. One such feature was the split-screen multiplayer mode. A couple of weeks ago, the split-screen multiplayer mode mysteriously disappeared from the Nintendo Switch version of the game. As expected, the players were facing issues with the split-screen multiplayer mode

Rocket League split-screen multiplayer mode will soon be back!

A couple of days ago, a Rocket League Nintendo Switch player asked the company regarding the split-screen multiplayer mode via Twitter. The official Twitter page of the Rocket League Help responded to the tweet assuring that the fix will indeed arrive soon. According to the tweet, the company is currently working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. While there is no concrete timeline for the fix, it looks like we might see the mode coming back sooner than we expect.

No wonder! the fans are desperately waiting for the fix and the same we were able to witness via numerous tweets. With that said, whenever the fix will arrive, we will make sure to keep our readers updated.


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