Shinobi Run Endless Launched On Google Play Store & Apple App Store

When endless runners are concerned, probably, you will think of Subway Surfers or Temple Run. Now, a new endless runner has launched coming from Quadrilateral Games. What makes Shinobi Run Endless different from other endless runners is the blood-thirsty journey. The endless runner is darker than ever before, making this different from other games in the same genre.

First talking about the storyline of the game, you have to square up with the Tsuchigumo clan, who are responsible for the death of your family.  Now you are a cursed shinobi with eternal life. You will be traveling through the ancient alps and your goal is to score the highest score. During this journey, you will die and resurrect.

Can you become the ultimate Shinobi?

In most endless runners, there is often the need to jump from cliffs, or hurdles. However, in this game, it’s a bit different. You will not be alone in the endless runner. There will be other shinbois that will try to stop you and kill you. Hence, you have to dodge them or kill them. The game allows you to Sprint, jump, slide, and throw smoke bombs. There is a target sensor that will track if your attack on the enemy was perfect and will give you a huge amount of damage to the enemy.

Shinobi Run Endless Launched On Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Most runner game features coins to collect. However, in Shinobi Run Endless you have to collect time orbs. They will come in handy to extend your life. Apart from that, you may also customize yourself. You can buy your fit that suits your game style from the shop. For multiplayer lovers, this game syncs with Game Center. You can compete with your friends to see who scores the highest, or who is able to kill more perfectly. There is also a weekly rank badge that will let you compete with players around the world.

Shinobi Run Endless Launched On Google Play Store & Apple App Store

In a nutshell, the game is a promising endless runner with a different touch. The game is available for Apple iOSand Google Play Store. Being a new game, it only has one review. It is free of cost as well as supported iOS 12.0 or later. Also, note that the game is available in the US for now. Do let us know what are your opinions on this endless runner. Do you find the idea interesting or not?

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