The First Tree brings a deep and captivating journey to Android and iOS

The First Tree is a game that dates from 2017 when it reached consoles and PC. After three years, the game with a rich and profound journey is reaching Android and iOS devices. The game tells two parallel stories: A Fox that tries to find his family again, and a son that seeks to reconnect with his father, from who he left, in Alaska. The game has a beautiful art style and a narrative and is available on Android and iOS for a full retail price of $4.99.

Análise - The First Tree - PSX Brasil

The First Tree is a premium and offline game of the “walking simulator” genre. Worth noting that the game is short with just 2 hours of the campaign. However, it’s a complete title that shines on most of its aspects like graphics, gameplay, and soundtrack. It’s an excellent product that perfectly fits mobile handsets.

The game seems to be inspired by Okami legend, and Capcom’s game, it’s a relaxing and captivating game. It brings a positive message and sometimes thrilling. This is a perfect game if you want to take time from action games with boss fights or from battle-royales. It’s a nice story to uncover in these dark days plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The First Tree | Aplicações de download da Nintendo Switch | Jogos |  Nintendo

The title was developed by the very talented David Wehle. He even has a YouTube channel where he shares some of its stories as an Indie developer. As aforementioned it’s a premium game. However, gacha elements will never harass you in this journey.


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