ODIN Valhalla Rising trailer published, a promising MMORPG with nice graphics

Kakaogames and Lion Heart Studios are working hard to bring a new MMORPG for mobile devices dubbed Odin Valhalla Rising. It’s an ambitious game with stunning graphics that we assume can only be run by flagship smartphones. Today, the studios published a new trailer for the game that comes to build the hype of MMORPG enthusiasts.

We can see all the vibes of Norse mythology here. The trailer promises a massive open world with console-like graphics and an epic journey. In fact, the game brings some “God of War” and “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” vibes as both games have explored the Norse mythology recently. The game will bring long hours of content for all players that enjoy diving in the world of MMORPGs. Hopefully, it will bring a true gaming experience rather than an “Auto” mode or repetitive content.

We don’t recommend you to hold your breath for ODIN Valhalla Rising just yet. After all, Kakaogames was involved with Blade II Return of Evil. The game was one of the most waited games in 2017 and ended as a huge failure. For that reason, we recommend you to not be driven by the hype that this trailer tries to create. We need to see actual gameplay before making conclusions.

According to reports, players who have tested the beta didn’t enjoy the automatic gameplay the title brings. As we said before, this is a boring style of gameplay, especially for accidental players. The studio is targeting a global launch and is even working on an English dub.

Hopefully, the developers will learn a lesson with the success of Genshin Impact.


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