World of Zenonia: screenshots reveals a possible competitor for Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact started a new trend among mobile devices. After all, it proved that mobile devices can be “good” and provide a solid gameplay experience. The game revolutionized a market oversaturated with automatic gameplay elements. Now, this seems to be a trend that will grow with good games. Gamevil revealed new images of its upcoming MMORPG dubbed World of Zenonia. The game will instantly resemble Genshin Impact due to its cel-shading graphics and anime-like art style. The game is beautiful and may attract your attention. Unfortunately, it will only arrive in 2022.

The game is inspired in the classic franchise of mobile RPGs. World of Zenonia will bring back a franchise that already amassed 63 million downloads for Gamevil. The studio presented the game to investors with 4 images of the upcoming title. The first image is the Start screen, the second shows the main character of the franchise, Sanza, with his Sword against a huge dragon. The third image shows the female main character fighting against another Dragon. The last picture shows the character fighting against enemies and we can also see the HUD with Items and Equipment details.

The game seems to be a worthy competitor for Genshin Impact

According to the studio, the MMORPG will bring an improved combat system that will be inspired in the classic games. Moreover, it states that the design will be cartoonish, but some elements will be realistic.

The game is quite promising and seems to be a solid competitor for Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, Gamevil is passing through a complicated phase. It once was a huge company in the mobile segment. Back in 2013, it acquired Com2Us. The latter proved to be more profitable than Gamevil itself. So far, Gamevil has been suffering from disastrous launches like Royal Blood. Now the studio needs Com2Us support to launch World of Zenonia. Hopefully, it will arrive as it seems to be a solid game.



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