Wondering how to clean your Switch and Joy-Con? Nintendo has some tips for you!

With the current on-going COVID-19 pandemic, every one of us is being extra careful even when it comes to our favorite tech products. If you own a Nintendo Switch console, then you also might be wondering about cleaning or disinfecting it from time to time. Back when everyone was using different Alchohol-based products on their handheld console, Nintendo swooped in to warn the users of the consequences. The Japan division of Nintendo recommended Switch users to not use alcohol-based as it can affect the plastic portion of the console.

Nintendo recommends how to clean your Switch and Joy-Con

Nintendo has now shared few tips that Switch users can follow to disinfect their handheld consoles along with Joy-Con controllers. The company has posted it on its official English support page. According to the post, the users should lightly apply the consumer-grade alcohol with 70% content to a soft cloth. You can then gently wipe the cloth on your Switch console and Joy-Con controller. Of course, you can not just go ahead and follow the process easily. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure the disinfection process doesn’t harm your product.

  • Only use disinfecting alcohol, not the other ones such as fuel.
  • Don’t apply the disinfectant directly to the surface of the Switch console and Joy-Con controller. Furthermore, avoid immersing your device in the disinfectant because moisture content can break down your product.
  • Nintendo also recommends using Switch only after completely drying it after disinfection.

It is worth noting that Nintendo is not responsible for any damage to Switch while disinfecting it. It’s interesting how Nintendo has switched its tune since the last time.


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