Cracké Rush is the latest endless runner reaching mobile devices

A couple of years ago, the endless runners dominated the mobile segment with many games popping out every day. Nowadays, the market is dominated by gacha games, battle-royales, and MMORPGs, but they’re still space for the good old endless runners. Squeeze Studio has just released a new endless runner dubbed Cracké Rush on iOS and Android platforms.

Cracké Rush is an endless auto-runner game. In this game, you play as an anxious and overprotective ostrich that needs to keep his eggs safe. However, there is a catch. The eggs are eagerly waiting for good adventures. As Ed the Ostrich, you follow him on his journey to become the best father in the world. He will venture through the world to recover and protect his eggs.

This is an endless runner, so you will be flying through an infinite desert. It will require you to be fast and agile to avoid all the obstacles in the way. Further, you run, more obstacles will appear. You can earn feathers, points, and eggs through the way. You can also get power-ups that will provide different boosts. They allow you to glide higher, catch distant eggs, or use a fiery pepper to blast obstacles.

Other collectibles will expand the replayability of this game. You can unlock 54 unique cards which each boost your powers until you have them all. There are some skins to customize your ostrich. The game also has a leaderboard to allow you to compare your score with other players.


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