Chrono Odyssey a stunning MMORPG opens pre-registrations for Android and iOS

Chrono Odyssey is a new promising MMORPG coming for Android and iOS. A Couple of days ago, the developers published the first trailer for the game which brought impressive graphics. One could easily think that this game is coming for PS4 or Xbox, but in fact, it’s coming for Mobile devices. With just four days, the video got viral amassing around 1.4 million views in YouTube. The video has impactful scenes with the characters showing textures and hair, however, it lacks gameplay. Without gameplay, it’s hard to judge the game right now. After all, we’ve been fooled multiple times by videos of this kind.

In the official website, we have screenshots from the official trailer. So there’s no image showing how the smartphone actually handles the game in real-time. We really doubt that the final product will have detailed graphics like the trailer. In the end, we should not hold our breath for a mobile game with console-like graphics. The official description states that Chrono Odyssey is an MMORPG that will tell a story about the members of the special organization dubbed Idraiginn. Players will be in the middle of a battle against 12 deities.

A game from the same developers of DK Online and the Seven Knights series

The South-Korean NPIXEL is behind the project, and Spike Bog-gun Bae is directing it. He is known for games like DK Online and Seven Knights. Those who played the Seven Knights series know the high-graphics that these games bring. However, both of them suffer from poor gameplay. As usual in MMORPGs, we have automatic gameplay and the game isn’t really an open-world game. Games like Genshin Impact already proved how many players want a real gameplay experience.

Chrono Odyssey Is a New Fantasy MMORPG Coming to PC, Console and Mobile

So we hope that NPIXEL doesn’t make another clone of the aforementioned titles. The game may arrive in open beta in 2021. For now, players can register through the Tap Tap website.


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