Star Wars KOTOR II will reach Android and iOS devices on December 18

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Well, then if you’re an avid mobile player, we bring up some good news. Aspyr Media and Lucasfilm have just announced the launch of Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic II – The Sith Lords (Star Wars KOTOR II) for mobile devices. The game for Android and iOS will make a last-minute launch in 2020. The launch date is December 18 and this will be a paid game providing the full offline experience.

The game will reach both platforms on the same date and will retail for $14. Of course, this may be a higher price tag for some markets, but we have to take in mind that it comes to provide a full-fledged offline game experience. This is a game with a story and does not include gacha elements, ads, or anything present in free-to-play games.

Star Wars KOTOR II

For those unaware, Star Wars KOTOR II is a franchise of games created by Bioware. That is the same studio behind successful RPG games such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. It usually brings open-world games with a lot of scenarios to explorers and multiple dialogue choices. Just like other Bioware games, you can have partners in this game and can choose between the light or dark side of the Force.

The game is a nice Christmas gift for most Star Wars fans in the mobile segment. Hopefully, this will be a decent port.


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