Viral Days Allows You To Protect Your Town from Pandemic by Using Real-World Solutions

The studio “Quizista” just released a game. It’s not just a strategy game but in this game, you are facing a pandemic situation. You need to run town just like other popular games, but the condition is that there will be some SOPs that you need to follow. A pro tip about this game is to apply real word solution in it.

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In this current time, the gameplay of this game feels like “that’s the thing I do all day”. There are a total of 25 levels of the game. There are tasks for you to protect the infected city from the virus. Your work is to make masks and make sure each and every person is wearing them and maintaining social distancing. It feels very simple and easy but there are more responsibilities for you. You need to separate infected people and quarantine them until they are negative.

Wearing a mask in a video game

Now the question begins how do we know that who is infected and which one is not. So that’s very simple because the infected people have an orange cloud around them. The cloud is passed to the other person near them. So that we know how to protect them. But you need to manage crowded areas very carefully. 

As in every game, Viral Days also gets complicated eventually. After some time the police will arrive and arrest the people who are not following SOPs. and it’s your duty to protect the reputation of your town. The most important part of the game is to manage the hospital, that needs to stay at the hospital or who is now well and can discharge.

Viral days

The game looks very nice and simple but the burden of responsibilities will not give you any relaxation. I play games to get away from current hurdles in real life. And this game is already what we are facing. Hence, I will not be excited to play this one. The graphics and animations of the game are the same as other real-time strategy games. The game is just released there are hardly a thousand downloads. The ratings of the game, for now, is 4.1 out of 5. You can grab Viral Days on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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