HAL Laboratory teases new projects for 2021

HAL Laboratory is a popular Japanese video game developer that was founded way back in 1980. The company is responsible for various popular titles such as Kirby, EarthBoujnd, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Metal Slader Glory, and many more. It looks like the company is now working on some exciting new projects.

HAL Laboratory teases new projects for the year 2021!

Before we jump and talk about the company’s new projects, we’ll take a look at the titles that the company launched this year. HAL Laboratory brought Kirby Fighters 2 on the Switch along with Part Time UFO title. In the recent interview with 4Gamers, three directors from the company teased new titles, merchandise, and events.

According to Tadashi Kawai, the company will deliver games in 2021 with three key ingredients – surprise, fun, and warmth. Teruhiko Suzuki, on the other hand, teased that the company will bring ‘another kind of weird game from HAL Egg’. Lastly, Yumi Todo teased that the company is looking to focus on merch, books, and various events apart from just launching new games.

Lastly, HAL Laboratory will continue to support Kirby meaning we might see some new content making its way to the popular title.


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