Mario Kart Tour gets RMX Rainbow Road 2 in a new update!

Back in 2019, Nintendo brought its Mario Kart Tour racing mobile game to the mobile and Switch console. Even though the game is more than a year old, the developers continue to add new content to the gameplay. To celebrate the New Year 2021, the developers are hosting the New Year’s event and well, it’s currently live.

Mario Kart Tour celebrating New Year in a recent update!

As a part of the celebration, the developers have now brought back Pauline (Party Time) and Toad (Party Time) as a playable character. To top things off, the game now also has a Lakitu character along with New Year’s Kite Glider. All these additions bring more fun to the gameplay experience.

With all the players already available, you can now take part ahead of the actual New Year’s Eve. Mario Kart Tour has also announced the new content via its official Twitter account.

Apart from all this, the new update brings the long-requested landscape mode. Lastly, we’re also looking at RMX Rainbow Road 2. Throughout the year, we have seen numerous content being added to the Mario Kart Tour title. We’re expecting the same to happen this year as well.

If you haven’t already played this game, then you might want to check it out right now. In fact, today is the last date for the currently active Nintendo Switch huge festive sale. Make sure to check that out as well to not miss out on any crazy deal.



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