Viral Days is a must play in these days of COVID-19

2020 has been a troublesome year due to the ongoing pandemic. We had to adapt and change our lives in several forms. During the self-isolation, we saw the rise of the mobile game range as more people were interested in entertainment to kill boredom. What is better than a game that will remember you to fight against COVID-19? Viral Days arrives on iOS and Android with this purpose. We’ve written about the game a couple of weeks days ago. Now we bring more details about the gameplay.

Viral Days is the latest game from Indie developer Quizista. Unlike Plague Inc., which is all about the numerical impact. Viral Days takes a novel, hands-on, and people-focused approach. It will remind you of SimCity games or other simulator games. The game starts has the philosophy of taking care of your people while they freely walk through the city.

The virus propagates over the air just like the COVID-19. It is represented as little green bubbles floating around infected persons. When an infected person passes by, healthy people lose some of their “hit points”. After someone’s health bar is completely depleted, that person falls ill and goes on to infect others. People who are close enough to each other for the virus to spread are “enveloped” in a color that will remember you about the critical situation.

You’ll need to keep the population healthy. Of course, nobody dies in this time, after all this is a lightweight game. The real world is already being sad with the ongoing pandemic, so there’s no reason to have an in-game experience that will remember us of the worst part of COVID-19 days. However, every infection in the game will cost you a heart.

There are no deaths in this game, as we don’t need to remember the worst part of COVID-19

If you lose all of them in a single level, then it’s game over. You can home-quarantine infected persons, or you can hospitalize them. Just like in our world, masks will not solve all the problems but can help to protect healthy people. In this game, you own a factory that makes them and has the option of buying more.

Viral Days

Once you reach higher levels, you can hire your own little helpers such as mask sellers, doctors, and cops. You can upgrade them so they make you more money and serve more people. You can also upgrade buildings to speed up mask production. The positive effects of development are permanent. Just like said, it’s almost a SimCity, but with a focus on protecting your sims from a virus.

There are currently 25 levels to play. Each one features its own map and divided into several days. Before the start of each day, you get a “breathing space” of 30 seconds where the virus does not spread and nobody goes anywhere. There are multiple difficulties from Novice to Expert and this will expand the replayability of this game. There are sub-objectives such as “collect 50 masks”, “earn 10,000 gold” and more.

It’s impressive how this game reflects our days. Especially when we see people in the streets ignoring the risks of the virus and in an indirect manner helping it to be further spread. During my gameplay experience, I’ve seen the importance of some small actions like staying at home if there’s no need to leave, or simply wearing a mask.

It’s a free-to-play game available in multiple stores. You can download it from App Store, Google Play, Galaxy Store, and AppGallery.


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