Junkyard Builder Is An Upcoming Simulator Game For Android & iOS

Simulation games are the best way to escape real life. What if you were doing something different in real life? Well, you cannot take that risk in real life but thanks to games, we can get to know about other professions. I have been playing Truck Simulator whenever I am bored and want to escape from real-life issues. Hence, simulators are just great. A new simulator game is coming to your portable devices i.e Android and iOS. It is named Junkyard Builder and is being released by PlayWay SA and Freemind Games.

Let’s talk about the game in detail. From its name, we know we will be playing as a Junkyard Builder. You have one and only goal in this game: make profits and eventually become the owner of the biggest Junkyard. Since you will be managing your junkyard, you will have to do certain things. You will be cleaning, building, renewing as well as building and trading. From that, you earn the profits and eventually become the owner of the biggest junkyard.

Junkyard Builder Is An Upcoming Simulator Game For Android & iOS

To spice things up and make good profits, you can find certain items. Clean them up, mix them, and create an awesome item that will be sold at higher prices. Let’s take an example here. You find an old car. What will you do? First, we will clean it up. Then give it a new paint job. Change a few of the things and give the old car a brand new look. And it will be sold a lot higher!

Of course, if you do not invest in yourself, you won’t succeed in your goal. You will need better machines, and find work that gives a big opportunity for your business. You will have to do a lot of work in order to become the owner of the biggest junkyard. Overall, the game is looking like a good simulator. It will be out for both the Android and iOS platforms. Unfortunately, we do not have the release date for this game yet. But we will keep you updated whenever there is an update about the game.

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