New Update Of A3: Still Alive Brings A New Battle Royale Mode & More

A3: Still Alive is a dark fantasy open-world RPG. It has been praised for its large open world with great graphics. But you may know that Battle Royale has been a popular genre recently. Games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are very popular and in demand. We have seen PUBG Mobile e-sport tournament hinting at how Battle Royales are an important genre. Hence, A3: Still Alive has launched a new Battle Royale mode to further enhance the game experience.

New Update Of A3: Still Alive Brings A New Battle Royale Mode & More

The new update of A3: Still Alive brings the new Battle Royale mode called Flooded Metium. As you know, Battle Royale is all about survival. It is a 30 player game unlike 100 players on PUBG Mobile. Although, there will be a fog of war that makes the map smaller with time. All the 30 players will be playing under the same circumstances. They will have to move as the fog of war comes closer to them and eventually, they all will meet at a small zone. And the last one standing wins. However, this battle royale in particular is for the competitive players.

More events coming this month

Apart from the Battle Royale mode, we also have an improved Player Soul Linker. The existing 7-Star Soul Linkers are able to upgrade to an 8-star level. There are around 270+ type of Soul linkers which can be classified into three types including ATK, DEF, and SUP. There is also a new event called Somius Wake Night Festival coming on 20th January. Apart from that, there are multiple small events that will be coming to the game soon.

• Battle Pass Season 2: 7 Day Check-in Event (1/14 – 1/28)
• Veteran 7 Day Guide Mission (1/14 – 2/4)
• 8? Release Celebration Exchange Event (1/14 – 2/4)
• 8? Release Celebration Event: Upgraded Reward for Today’s Activity (1/14 – 2/4)
• Refuge of the Dead B2 – Winner Takes it All (1/14 – 2/4)
• Open! Guild Exchange Market (1/14 – 3/4)
• 7 Day Check-In (1/21 – 2/4)
• BOX Event (1/21 – 2/4)
• Gold Consumption Event (1/21 – 2/4)
• Prepare for the Adventure (1/28 – 2/4)
• Complete the Codex (1/29 – 2/3)

New Update Of A3: Still Alive Brings A New Battle Royale Mode & More

A3: Still Alive with its combo of a dark fantasy MMO and a Battle Royale has been a success. It has a rating of 4.1 stars on the Google Play Store. The game is known for its graphics as well. You can download the game now on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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