Monster Hunter Rise players will receive prizes for playing the DEMO

Monster Hunter is one of the most lucrative franchises in CAPCOM’s recent story. The title unveiled for PS4/XBOX and PC amassed a huge amount of players since its launch and brought CAPCOM back to relevance. Now, the studio is finally bringing it to Nintendo Switch. However, instead of the title available on Consoles, the hybrid will receive an exclusive game dubbed Monster Hunter Rise. It has less appealing graphics but promises all the fun of the original title.

A couple of weeks ago, CAPCOM unleashed a Demo for Nintendo Switch giving users the chance to prove the game before its official launch. Now, the company announced that players who played the demonstration will get a set of prizes when the full game gets launched. Those who have saved the Demo Data on their Nintendo Switch will get a set of important advantages in the full game. Among them we can list:

  • 20 Mega Potions
  • 5 Fall Traps
  • 10 Energy Drinks
  • 5 Mega Demondrugs
  • 5 Mega Armoskins

Monster Hunter Rise

If didn’t play the Demo and have a Switch laying around, we recommend trying it at once. After all, the title will be removed from Nintendo’s eShop on February 1. Once it gets removed you will no longer be able to get those aforementioned prizes.

Monster Hunter Rise will reach Nintendo Switch on March 26. It comes as one of the most appealing titles for the hybrid console in 2021. However, the console will get more Monster Hunter titles in the coming months.


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