Negative: The Way of Shinobi coming for Switch in February

Art Games Studio will launch its “2D hardcore platform” game dubbed the Negative: The Way of Shinobi. The hardcore game will reach the Nintendo Switch platform on February 11. It was listed on eShop.

Check out a brief description of the game, via Art Games Studio:

“Ninja world and local enemies. Use your best skills to finish the storyline. Are you ready to accept the challenge while failing a lot during the game?
Become a ninja prodigy, whose clan village was attacked by a mysterious sorcerer alongside the samurai army.
Discover ninja skills, use the stealth or frontal approach. Reveal your father’s secret intentions and stop the invasion.”

Game’s Key Points:

  • Hardcore 2D platform for skilled or stubborn players.
  • History-based on heavy narratives.
  • Different game styles available.
  • Stylized graphic design.
  • Drawn animations and backgrounds.

One can think that this game is the closest Nintendo Switch players will get from a Soulslike experience. We believe that Negative: The Way of Shinobi has the potential to be a hit on the hybrid platform. After all, Switch is frequently may pass as a “platform for kids” due to the “happy visuals” of some Nintendo exclusives. However, this has been changing lately with the arrival of games bringing deep experiences and mature art style.

Depending on the success this game achieves, we won’t discard a launch on other platforms.


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