LifeAfter begins crossover event with Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell

NetEase announced a partnership between its survival and action game, LifeAfter, with the anime franchise Ghost in the Shell. The event is now available and players will be able to enjoy content such as skins from the Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 animation from Netflix. NetEase is constantly pushing events to attract more players to NetEase. Recently, the company ended its second collaborative event with Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise.

Motoko Kusanagi (voiced by Atsuko Tanaka), the protagonist of Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045, will present the post-apocalyptic world during the event. A mysterious voice message from her was already available on the crossover website. If you enjoy NetEase’s survival game, and also are a fan of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, then you will probably enjoy the new event.

For those unaware, LifeAfter is an open “semi” world survival game developed by NetEase Games (Android and iOS). Players face a world with scarce resources, harsh weather, zombies, and monsters. The game stands out for being a mix of action, role play, and construction.

LifeAfter currently has more than 200 million registered players worldwide. The game emerged as a surprising success amid the Battle Royale fever. Ghost in the Shell, on the other hand, is a popular franchise that comes from 1989. The franchise got an animated movie in the 1990s and even got a movie starring Scarlet Johanson. Now, Netflix is running a new anime series that will attract newcomers to the franchise.

We are curious to see how an event featuring two distinct worlds will be.


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