Super Smash Bros Ultimate to get Bravely Default II Spirits event!

Claytechworks is all set to bring its upcoming role-playing video game dubbed Bravely Default II to the Nintendo Switch handheld console. For those who’re unaware, it is a Switch exclusive title. This means that no other platform will be able to enjoy this title. The developers have already released the demo of the title that users can enjoy.

To celebrate the all-new title, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now bringing a special event dedicated to the title. As expected, the event will feature two brand new spirits. In fact, the official Twitter account of the title has also announced the same.

Bravely Heart II coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

As you can see in the tweet mentioned above, the crossover fighting game will have a Bravely Default II dedicated event. The event will bring the heroes of light to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We’re talking about Seth, Gloria, Elvis, and Adelle.

To recall, Bravely Default II is built on the foundational success of the original title. In the title, you will now explore a new world while fighting for survival. You will have the liberty to customize your team of heroes. Of course, you will need to balance Irish and reward in turn-based battles.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Bravely Default II is currently up for pre-orders on Switch eShop with a price tag of $59.99. While the official release is right around the corner, you can enjoy the demo of the title till then.

Do let us know if you’re excited about this crossover of the two popular franchises on the Nintendo Switch console.


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