Warhammer: Odyssey receives a global soft launch, now available everywhere!

If you’ve been long looking for a Warhammer RPG, then now might finally be the right time. Publisher Virtual Realms has now launched its new title dubbed Warhammer: Odyssey. Thanks to its soft launch, the title is now up for grabs globally. It’s a mobile platform-based game that is available for both Android and iOS. To top things off, the game is completely free on both platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Warhammer: Odyssey now available globally on mobile platforms!

In the all-new Warhammer: Odyssey title, you forge your own odyssey and as a hero, you need to stand against the darkness and chaos that threatened the civilization. The 3D mobile MMORPG brings iconic locations of the Warhammer fantasy world. To make things even interesting, the world will keep on developing and expanding with the help of episodic updates down the road.

Since we’re looking at an RPG, the game offers a dozen of characters for players to choose from. We’re talking about characters such as Slayer, Witch Hunter, Archmage, Warrior Priest, and many more. There are almost six different classes, 12 specializations, and various dynamic skills. All of these combines bring forth numerous playing styles to choose from.

Of course, the developers have also released a trailer for the title and well, it looks pretty solid.

Are you planning to try out the Warhammer: Odyssey title on your smartphone? If yes, then do share with us by using the comments down below.



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