PUBG Mobile Or Free Fire, Which game is better for low-end smartphones?

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are the leading names in the market, especially on smartphones. But the issue people faced is mobile compatibility. Many do not have high-end smartphones which run the game smoothly. So here is the comparison of which one performs better in low-end smartphones PUBGM or Free Fire.

Now if we talk about the graphics and video quality of both games, there is a very clear view that PUBG Mobile has more realistic graphics. Free Fire offers you a little cartoony effect with more saturation and colors. This is why Free Fire runs more frequently on Low-end phones. Although, do remember there is a lite version of PUBG for low-end phones. But in this article, we are just going to compare PUBG Mobile with Free Fire.

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PUBG Mobile requires some hefty hardware to run smoothly. First and very important a decent processor e.g. Snapdragon 700 series or Helio G series will be able to run the game. A standard size of the game is 2GB.  As the size of the game with maps is large so you need good RAM. But at minimum, it can run on 2GB RAM. Although, in my opinion, your device must have at least 4GB RAM to run PUBG Mobile. Meanwhile, in Free Fire, the requirements are a little low. The standard size of the game is 680MB without maps while you need 2GB RAM to run the game. The game is not too heavy so it can be run on low processors. A standard processor company claims is Mediatek MT6737M.

Both the games are well to play. But we are talking about low-end devices. Free fire does a great job in low-end devices. While you may face several bugs and glitches on PUBG Mobile. There are little lags in Free Fire too but in a very small amount. Free fire plays the same in High-end and low-end phones.

Conclusion: PUBG Mobile OR Free Fire?

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PUBGM has realistic graphics but had lags and bugs, Free Fire plays smoothly but the graphics are not very cool. Some like graphics and some like smoothness. But in my view, Free Fire is better for Low-end phones. And if you really want to play PUBG on a very low-end phone, go with the lite version of the game. 

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