Hashihime of the Old Book Town coming for Nintendo Switch

ADELTA has just announced that Hashihime of the Old Book Town will be released for Switch in Japan. The visual novel with psychedelic tones was originally released for PC. It was, then translated into English by MangaGamer. More details about the Nintendo console version, including its release forecast and whether there will be a Western version, are to be revealed later.

Hashihime of the Old Book Town tells the story of a young student named Tamamori. During the Taisho era, he ends up failing to enter the Imperial University and goes to work in suet. The protagonist is an Undisciplined boy who wants to become a writer. He begins to lose track of what is real and what are just illusions. As you can see we have a deep plot full of unprecedented

According to the company, the game will be based on the PS Vita version, but will also have exclusive new content. Check out the opening video of the visual novel on the PC below:

Of course, this game, as other visual novels are story-driven titles. If you want a lot of action, with complex gameplay, Hashihime of the Old book town certainly isn’t a title for you. We are curious to see if the game will remain exclusive to Japan or will reach the West at a late date.


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