Valorant Mobile is still in development

A popular Twitter profile that is often involved with data leaks from Riot Games states that the Valorant Mobile is still in development. The profile has already leaked a lot of information from the PC versions and much of it has been confirmed. The profile in question is the one that goes by Valorant Leaks moniker.

The mobile version was confirmed by @ValorLeaks. According to the tweet, “Valorant: Mobile” is already under development. In addition to the mobile version of the popular shooting game, the leaker also stated that there will also be another version that should be playable on current consoles. It’s not a big surprise, since other games in this genre such as Overwatch are available for consoles.

With “Mobile” we guess that this is a version for Android and iOS. It’s not confirmed yet for Switch, but we believe that leakster would explicitly mention Switch if that was the case. Unfortunately, the leakster states that there isn’t a launch schedule available right now. For now, the only known fact is that the mobile and console ports are in development.

Worth noting that Riot never confirmed a mobile port of its popular Valorant game. However, the company did state its interest in mobile platforms. We believe that not launching it for mobile would be a great waste, so it’s good to see that Riot is expanding the game to more platforms.

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