Devil May Cry Mobile: New Beta highlights Vergil

After a couple of months without news about Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat, or Devil May Cry Mobile, we have a new beta running in China. The beta will be open the next Thursday, March 25th, and will have Vergil in a special mission. This is the first time that the iconic character appears in the mobile game. For those unaware, Vergil is Dante’s brother and also his nemesis. The enemy appears as the final boss in multiple games of the franchise and has a huge myriad of fans. The next Thursday, players will be able to slice some enemies with the Zanmato.

“Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat” is a genuine action game developed by Yunchang Games. It features CAPCOM’s direct partnership including the team that worked on Devil May Cry games. The game restorers the classic characters, scenes, weapons, and bosses from the Devil May Cry series. It presents an unprecedented Gothic World with high-quality graphics.”

The new beta testing will start on March 25 and will be up until April 1. So, players will have eight days to play and evaluate the game. For playing Devil May Cry Mobile you’ll need an Android smartphone with Kirin 960 or above, or Snapdragon 660 or above. It’s recommended to have 3GB of RAM otherwise you may experience unwanted restarts. Moreover, make sure to have at least 8GB of Internal Storage.

Devil May Cry Mobile

When it comes to iOS, players need to fill a form in the game’s website. After answering certain questions and submitting the form, they need to keep an eye in the e-mail. If everything goes right, the studio will send an invite allowing you to play Devil May Cry Mobile beta on your iOS / iPadOS device.


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