Blue Reflection: Second Light coming for Switch, Blue Reflection Sun coming for Android and iOS

Koei Tecmo announced a series of projects for the Blue Reflection franchise. In addition to an anime, Blue Reflection Second Light will be released for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC (Steam). Blue Reflection Sun arrives for iOS, Android, and PC (DMM Games). Unfortunately, the release dates are still unknown.

Along with the announcement, the published shared a concept art illustrated by Mel Kishida. It is a representation of each project: the Blue Reflection Ray anime on the left, Blue Reflection: Second Light game for consoles in the middle, and the mobile game Blue Reflection Sun on the right. Each of the projects has its own logo. The anime is scheduled to start on April 9. It will be available on the d-Anime Store and other distribution sites. An official website is already on the air with more information.

As aforementioned, the new game for iOS, Android, and PC goes by the Blue Reflection Sun title. It’s coming from DMM Games. The console game, on the other hand, will carry Blue Reflection Tie moniker in Japan and Second Light in the West. It will come from Koei Tecmo itself. These projects will follow on the first Blue Reflection. Worth noting that the original title was developed by Gust reaching the market in 2017. The new games, unfortunately, do not have a defined release date yet. But amidst the pandemic, even games with release dates are susceptible to delay, so we can only wait for now.


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