Fortnite update improves performance and resolution on Switch

The developer and publisher Epic Games revealed today that the Fortnite version for the Nintendo Switch will receive a new update later this Tuesday (30). The objective of this update to graphically optimize the game both in resolution and in GPU performance during matches.

Starting on March 30, 2020, Epic Games will release an update that aims to improve the experience for Nintendo Switch players. The developer will update the rendered on the Nintendo Switch to make better use of the hybrid console’s GPU. What does this mean for Switch players? Well, it will significantly improve the resolution of the portable and TV models. Therefore, players will experience sharper images without loss of performance. it also brings a more consistent frame rate, with fewer hitches, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Fortnite update brings improved resolution and performance with a consistent frame rate

Of course, to ensure a consistent frame rate, Fortnite will still make use of dynamic resolution on the Switch when necessary. It will reduce resolution in certain parts to ensure that the FPS will be stable. However, with the new renders, this will happen less frequently. The overall resolution will be considerably higher than on the version before this release.


The improvements are really consistent and on portable modes, players will experience graphics with 38% more pixels while on the portable mode. Moreover, players will save 140MB of space after installing the update.

Fortnite still reigns as one of the most popular battle-royales in the world of gaming. It’s good to see that company is continuously working to improve the experience. It makes perfect sense now that other competitors such as Apex Legends have reached the hybrid console.


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