Hitman 3 ‘Starter Pack’ & Elder Scrolls free on Stadia for up to 2 weeks!

Google Stadia, in order to attract more customers, ends up adding new games to its portfolio. To top things off, the search engine giant also keeps on offering freebies to users. This time we’re looking at two of the most popular games out there – Hitman 3 and Elder Scrolls. Hitman 3 ‘starter pack’ is now available for free on Stadia from March 30 – April 5. For those who’re unaware, Starter Pack is nothing but an extended demo version of the full game.

Hitman 3 and Elder Scrolls Online available for free on Google Stadia

In this pack, the players can explore the Dubai location completely free of charge. To top things off, the tutorial levels along with the New Zealand mission from Hitman 2 also make their way to this pack. To avail of this pack, you don’t even need to an active member of Stadia Pro membership. You also don’t need any special hardware to play this title.

Elder Scrolls is yet another free title that is available on Google Stadia for a limited time. Starting from March 31, Stadia users can access Elder Scrolls Online for free. Unlike Hitman 3, this one is limited to Stadia Pro members. The offer will remain active until April 13. For those who’re unaware, Google Sadia also offers keeps on adding new titles to its Stadia Pro memberships.


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