After topping the charts, Monster Hunter Rise sold 5 million copies!

Monster Hunter Rise is a switch exclusive title that was launched a couple of days ago. It was one of the most awaited titles for the Nintendo Switch platform. For those who’re unaware, Monster Hunter is an action-based RPG title that now has six installments including the latest offering.

Since the initial release, Monster Hunter Rise has managed to break a lot of records. It recently topped the charts in Japan in an opening week which is quite impressive. During the opening week, the title managed to sell around 1.3 million physical copies. Including these figures, the game has shipped 4 million copies globally.

Monster Hunter Rise has now sold five million copies so far!

Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom, the developer of the franchise, has now released a new milestone for its latest offering. Well, the title has now managed to sell five million copies worldwide. Of course, these figures include both physical and digital sales..

It looks like Monster Hunter Rise has now become a classic title for the Nintendo Switch users. Even if not, it’s on the road to becoming one that’s for sure. Looking at the current stats, the developers are pretty excited to bring new content to the tile.

In fact, the title will soon see a major update 2.0 which is scheduled for this month. The new version 2.0 will bring some new additions such as monsters and more. We’re pretty excited about the upcoming major update and are expecting a bunch of interesting and fun additions.

Are you already playing the new title? if not, then are you planning to buy the copy? let us know in the comments down below.


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