Nintendo Switch System Update 12.0.0 finally fixes this annoying bug

Last month, we were expected to witness some small updates for Nintendo Switch. Well, if you own one, then you know that it didn’t happen at all. Looks like Nintendo was preparing for a major update instead. Nintendo Switch has now started receiving a new system update 12.0.0. The update, as expected, fixes numerous bugs including the most annoying one.

Nintendo Switch receives System Update 12.0.0!

Nintendo has now started rolling out a new system update 12.0.0 for its Switch consoles. If you own one, then you might have already updated your handheld console. Here’s what the update brings to the table.

First up, the new update fixes the most annoying bug related to the save data backup feature. In some cases, the automatic backup of saved data ends up interrupted. This, of course, happens when a communication error occurs during the process. Well, the new update fixes the issue once and for all.

With the new update, the automatic NSO save data backup should not see any interruption. Apart from this, the new version has updated a significant number of OS components. It looks like Nintendo might be recompiling the components with a newer Switch SDK.

Apart from this, the new update doesn’t bring anything else. You might be left disappointed considering new things such as folders and themes didn’t make their way this time as well.


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