Infinite Lagrange is a new strategy game from NetEase, to debut on April 21st

NetEase Games has announced the launch of its new Sci-fi game (yes, one more) Infinite Lagrange. The game will be a strategy title that will be released simultaneously for PC, Android, and iOS.

In the game, players can immerse themselves in space battles on a gigantic scale and explore the infinite depths of the universe in a game with great 3D graphics. Infinite Lagrange is pre-registered on the App Store or Google Play.

Despite informing in the release that the game arrives on April 21st. Most likely it will be the game’s “soft launch”, which will only happen in some regions.

“Infinite Lagrange takes place in the future, in which scientists have discovered a space-time singularity known as the Lagrange Node. These singularities allowed the construction of stellar portals covering numerous galaxies and the creation of the Lagrange Network. In the following years, humanity expanded rapidly and aggressively, which led to the rise and fall of countless civilizations and empires. Eventually, the Lagrange Network fell victim to wars fought in the universe and was broken into pieces.”

Yes, this game is the latest NetEase game involving space themes. In less than a year the company launched Astracaft, Eve Echoes, and is now bringing yet another game with this theme.


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