Lost Light is an upcoming survival shooter game for Android

Lost Light is a new action-packed game from a popular studio NetEase, the same studio behind Knives Out and Life After. This new game focuses on providing the best possible survival shooter experience for smartphones. However, the story may not be the best. The focus here is providing action and shooting. If you are into action games, then Lost Light will attract you. The game is scheduled for soft-launch in selected countries only. Let’s talk about the game below.

Lost Light is an upcoming survival shooter for iOS and Android that will have a closed beta test this month | Articles | Pocket Gamer

First, the game has a kind of battle royale element in it. I cannot say it is a complete battle royale game, but you may find it a bit similar. The game puts you in the Firefly task force. Your duty is to loot supplies and manage your own shelter. You will be accompanied by other players throughout the mission. Isn’t it similar to battle royale? In a battle royale, mostly you are tasked to loot with your team. Here it is a similar approach. You have to keep an eye on everything while looting. Keep low, or you may get spotted by the enemies.

Trailer is out

Since it is a shooting game, the developers have focused on providing the best weapons in the game. You can even modify your guns according to your own style. To spice things up, you can play the game with a stranger. It will make the game more fun as you will have to do teamwork. You can even trade items with others. Just like a battle royale, survival is the key in this game as well, and for that teamwork is a must.

Lost Light, NetEase's upcoming shooter, is heading for soft-launch in two regions for Android soon

Coming to the release date of Lost Light, it will be available on 28th April in Australia and New Zealand. It will be coming to other regions in the future, but for now, it will be soft-launched in these countries only. If you are interested in the game, then you may pre-register from the game’s official website. What are your opinions on this action shooting game from NetEase? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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