Earthblade for Switch is a 2D explorer-action title set in a world of pixel art!

Extremely OK Games has now announced its next project dubbed Earthblade for Nintendo Switch handheld console. If you’re unaware, the publisher is quite known for its 2018 platformer Celeste. The game has managed to garner positive reviews from critics and players since its initial release.

Well, the developers are back with yet another title for the hybrid consoles. According to the announcement, Earthblade is a 2D game that brings explorer-action elements into an integrated world of pixel art.

Earthblade will bring pixel art style world with explorer action elements to Switch!

At the time of writing this, Extremely OK Games hasn’t revealed much about the new game except these previously mentioned keywords. Other crucial information such as history, gameplay, release date will be revealed further down the road.

According to the studio, the currently available information is more of an “energy” of the new title. Of course, we also have a teaser image that uses a poster made by Brazilian artist Pedro Medeiros. Furthermore, we also have an excerpt from the soundtrack which by the way is composed by Lena Raine.

It is worth noting that the studio hasn’t confirmed any release timeline. We might see the game making its way later this year or it could just happen next year. There are a lot of uncertainties out there as of now but we’ll make sure to keep our readers updated as soon as the new information surfaces on the web.


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