Monster Hunter Rise could soon be the Capcom’s best-selling single-platform game!

Since its initial release in March 2021, Monster Hunter Rise has become one of the popular and insanely growing titles on Nintendo Switch. For those who’re unaware, it’s an action RPG title developed by Capcom for the handheld consoles. So far, the game has achieved various milestones.

Earlier this month, Monster Hunter Rise managed to sell 5 million copies. Fast forward to today, it has managed to hit the 6 million units. These numbers are quite impressive considering the title is exclusive to the Switch hybrid console.

Monster Hunter Rise could soon be Capcom’s best-selling game for Switch!

Monster Hunter Rise

At the time of writing this, Monster Hunter Rise is currently Capcom’s second best-selling title for Switch console. Considering the current pace, it could soon take the first spot. For that to happen, the game would need to sell 300,000 more copies. At the time of writing this, Street Fighter II takes the spot with its 6.3 million copies.

It is worth noting that even if the title becomes the publisher’s best-selling title, it would eventually be not the case. Why? you ask! Well, Capcom is currently preparing to bring the title to the PC. According to the projected timeline, it should happen somewhere in the year 2022. Whenever that’ll happen, the game will not be a single-platform exclusive title.

For those who’re unaware, Capcom’s best-selling game that is available on all platforms is Monster Hunter: World with 16.8 million copies sold so far.


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