Donut County on Android is now up for grabs at a massive discount

Back in December 2020, developer Annapurna Interactive brought its unique and interesting arcade puzzler dubbed Donut County. Since the initial release, the game has managed to get 5,000+ downloads. While the figures might not be impressive, the gameplay surely is. Donut County is a story-based physics puzzle game. Well, it is now up for grabs at a price less than half on Android.

Donut County: Play as an ever-growing hole!

Donut County

In Donut County, you play as BK, a hole-driving raccoon who swallows up his friends and their homes to earn idiotic prizes. Unluckily one day, the raccoon ends up falling into one of his own holes. Inside the hole, BK has to confront his very own friends and residents of Donut County.

The gameplay that this title brings is pretty unique and quite interesting. Throughout each stage, the aim is to destroy everything resulting in the increasing size of your hole. The developers have also thrown in some puzzles and few boss fights.

If you’re looking for some puzzler for your Android device, then you got to try out this title. Well, now might be the perfect time as it is currently on sale.

The title originally is available for $4.99. Well, you can now get it for a $1.99 price tag making it a very sweet deal. You can head over to Play Store to download the title.

Do let us know if you’re planning to purchase the title for yourself using the comments down below.


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