Valorant Mobile announced by Riot Games

One piece of news that probably won’t catch anyone by surprise is the official announcement of a mobile version of Valorant is in development. Riot’s game is a “multiplayer” style shooter with elements that resemble Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

The announcement came in the form of a leak in an interview with Polygon. Unfortunately, Valorant Mobile still has no release date and not even a single promotional image to tease us.

Apparently, Riot was taken by surprise and was forced to confirm the news. However, we should not hold our breath for it. As per the leak, the game will not be ready this year. In fact, it may hit smartphones only in 2022. The executive producer Anna Donlon said that the game will be available in Valorant’s “Year 2”.

Valorant is another hit from Riot Games. The title already amasses around 14 million active players every month. With these figures, we can say that the title has a pretty solid user base. We can’t compare it, however, to the huge fanbase of CS: GO which has around 26.9 million players every month.

Valorant Mobile

With a lightweight look and focus on a high frame rate, a mobile version of Valorant was more than expected. After all, in certain times, the PC game looks like a mobile game. However, it is curious that the game will not come with crossplay compatibility. This is available on Fortnite, for example. In other words, whoever is on the PC will not play with whoever is on the cell phone. This is what the Polygon website claims.

Back in March this year, a leak claimed that Valorant Mobile was in development. Now, it is confirmed.


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