Apex Legends Mobile closed beta announced for 5 more countries

We all are excited to see the next big Battle Royale from EA. The announcement of Apex Legends Mobile is the talk of the town. We wonder how well optimized the game will be and if it will give tough competition to PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire. Well, if you have the same question in mind, then don’t look any further as Respawn has announced the closed beta of Apex Legends Mobile for more regions. Let’s talk about the details of Apex Legends closed beta below.

5 more countries

Earlier, Respawn announced the closed beta for India and the Phillippines. Now, players of 5 additional countries are eligible to sign up for the close beta. The list includes Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Egypt, and Lebanon. If you live in any of these countries, then feel free to jump on Play Store’s and sign up for the close beta. Closed beta testing is a process where developers allow a number of players to play the game before launch. It helps in finding out bugs and asking for recommendations.

Apex Legends Mobile is going into beta this month - The Verge

Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date for the close beta schedule for these countries yet. But according to Respawn, it should be done in the next few weeks. If you are eager to be in the Closed Beta testing, then we would recommend you to sign up as soon as possible as there are always limited seats in testings. Random people are selected, and you don’t want to be late in singing up.

For those unaware, Apex Legends is a new type of Battle Royale game. It has different heroes each with other significance. This makes it different compared to PUBG Mobile. Plus the style of Apex Legends is going to attract the youth. The only way EA would mess up the game is unoptimized gameplay. We have seen this happening with Fortnite on mobile, and we hope it doesn’t happen with Apex Legends. What are your thoughts on the Apex Legends closed beta? Let us know in the comments section below.

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