Gold Inc is a strategy game where you can mine IRL Cryptocurrency

There was a time where only tech enthusiasts knew about cryptocurrencies. However, with the trend in the market, every other person is aware of cryptocurrency. To be honest, cryptocurrency is boring. You have to track a lot of things to predict if there will be a jump or fall in the coin you invested. To make it fun, a new game is a nnounced for smartphones called Gold Inc. In the game, you will be mining a gold-backed cryptocurrency called GoldBar. Yes, you heard it right, you will be mining a  true cryptocurrency while playing a fun game.

Gold Inc lets players mine IRL cryptocurrency in a mobile real-time strategy game

Mine IRL Cryptocurrency while playing a strategy game

The idea behind the game is simple yet unique. The developers have blended the idea of investing and gaming. In an RTS slash MMO, you will be building your crypto empire. However, it’s not that easy. You will have to be good at mining and gather resources. Stuff like precious metals is required for mining crypto. 50% of the profit from Gold Inc goes back to their crypto. This is a great idea, however, the implementation is hard. There are enemies that can attack you hence you will have to work on your defense.

Furthermore, there is a trade center where the game allows you to buy defense as well as upgrade your attacks. You can also sell goods in the trade center to receive cash that will be required to upgrade and move forward in the game. There is a cool feature called alliance which lets you team up with other players. Alliance is important as more people can help each other and become stronger than the enemy. As mentioned above, the game has a simple idea but it’s hard to implement. Let’s see how well the developers are able to create the game. Gold Inc. is all-set to launch for Android & iOS devices on July 5th. Let us know your opinions on the game in the comments section below.

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