Lost Light is a survival shooter from NetEase, soft-launched in selected regions

NetEase has come up with yet another game. This time it’s a multiplayer survival shooter title called Lost Light. The experience of NetEase paired with a great genre must be a success. For now, the game is soft-launched in selected regions. Thanks to the soft launch, we now have a first look at the game. The game will attract shooter lovers and even battle royale fans who want a enjoy a more spiced-up game. If you live in UK or Germany, then you can enjoy the soft launch. For others, you might have to wait a bit for its global launch. Let’s have a look at the game and see what’s it all about.

Lost Light soft launch

There is no compromise on the shooting element of the game. There are a number of weapons you can choose from. As well as the game gives you autethic firearm customizations where you can choose different scopes, gripes, and suppressors. You can upgrade your weapons as your progress in the game. You can chose your weapons according to your own style. Together with this, the game has a survival theme. You have to survive in the battleground. There are also other features like a player-based economy. From this feature, you can sell the weapons you don’t need and get extra money for your next purchase.

Lost Light has a realistic warfare survival theme. You will be running into enemies, killing them, and take their loot. It won’t be wrong to say this is highly inspired by battle royale titles. However, the game takes it to the next level with its diversified social interactions. So when you kill an enemy, you have many choices including healing them, teaming up with them, or even execute them. If you live in Germany or UK, then feel free to check the game on Google Play Store. It looks amazing for now, however, let’s see how gamers react once it’s out globally.

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