Free Fire’s Wildland Walkers Elite Pass is here and it’s scary

It’s time for Free Fire fans to rejoice. The game has announced a new Elite Pass and this time it’s a spicy one. Wildland Walkers is the name of the new Elite Pass, and just as the name suggests it is exciting. The theme of the new Elite Pass is scarecrows. A decoy or mannequin in the shape of a human might be scary for some people. There is a phobia for it called formidophobia, and if you are the one having it then this Elite Pass, it’s probably gonna be very scary for you. Although, for other people, they are totally gonna like this Elite Pass. Let’s have a detailed look below.

The theme is not just based on scarecrows but scarier ones. Well, they could have gone with some vanilla look. But no, what would be the fun? The scarecrows in the Wildland Walkers are inspired by horror movies. The main characters are creepy with their combination of flames and straws. There are two main characters including  The Blazing Scarecrow (Male) and The Fiery Scarecrow (Female). Just as their name suggests, both are scary. I guess Free Fire wants to celebrate Halloween a bit early this year.

Elite Pass S39 is here

This is not it. There are more skins that you will get in the new Walker’s Fury box skin. Wicked Broomstick surfboard skin, the Wildland Slasher machete skin, Wildland Walkers-themed pickup truck skin, and the Lantern of Doom backpack skin are some of the items that you can win. Plus, there are avatars banners, the Scarecrow Treatment gun, and of course how can one forget an emote. The emote is called “The Walker”. What do you think about the new Elite Pass? Let us know in the comments below.

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