Valve: Steam Deck will run the entire Steam library at 30+ fps

Steam Deck was recently announced by Valve. It’s an upcoming portable gaming console. Over years, we have seen a decline in portable consoles. The only popular portable gaming console of the time is Nintendo Switch. However, with the announcement of Steam Deck, things are about to change. This gaming console will be able to run the full Steam library. Yes, you heard it right. Entire Steam library! That includes a lot of games that could be graphics intense. But Valve is confident in its portable gaming console. Let’s see what the company has to say about the performance of Steam Deck.

In a recent IGN interview,  Valve Hardware Engineer Yazan Aldehayyat answered some questions regarding the upcoming console. He says  “all the games that we wanted to be playable had really good [performance], a really good experience” in Steam Deck testing. Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais added “all the games that we wanted to be playable” means “really the entire Steam library We haven’t really found something we could throw at this device that it couldn’t handle yet.” It is actually a big achievement for the company,  But the question is at what frame rates?

Entire Steam library but what about frame rates?

Valve: Steam Deck will run the entire Steam library at 30+ fps

“If people are still valuing high frame rates and high resolutions on different platforms, I think that content will scale down to our 800p, 30 Hz target very well,” Griffais added. “If people start heavily favoring image quality, we might be in a position where we might have tradeoffs, but we’re not in a position where we really see that yet.” That doesn’t mean the games will be locked at 30fps but the console is capable of running a minimum of 30fps. For a portable console with an APU, running the full steam library at a minimum of 30fps doesn’t seem bad. What are your opinions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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