Arena Breakout announced: realistic strategic FPS from Tencent!

Tencent is considered a world leader in mobile game development. You might know them from PUBG Mobile, but there are many more titles from Tencent. Now, it’s time for another game. Everyone was shocked by an unexpected announcement of Arena Breakout in the 2021 China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy 2021). It is a new FPS game that will be as realistic as it gets. Do note that, the name “Arena Breakout” is translated from the Chinese name. It might be different once the game comes out globally.

Arena Breakout – Everything we know so farArena Breakout announced: realistic strategic FPS from Tencent!

For now, only a teaser has surfaced online showing an action-packed game. Of course, first-person shooters can get intense and this game is no different. The game has a realistic strategic approach to it. Unlike other games, you are on the other side of the battlefield and your mission is to retreat successfully. However, it’s not as simple. To give you an example, the player will have to start the mission from the very beginning if they die in between. Tencent themselves mentioned during the event  ‘Once failed, you will lose all the supplies you carry,’ There won’t be checkpoints making survival your ultimate aim.

Moreover, it does not end here. There are 12 parameters in this game. So your opponent is not the only cause of death. It could be pain, hunger, or even a limb injury. You will have to be prepared for everything. Being a hardcore shooter, the game will have a weapon customization system. You will get different attachments, scopes to modify your weapon as per your taste. Talking about the release date, Arena Breakout’s beta version will go live in China on August 12, 2021. The pre-registration for the beta version is open on TapTap. We will have more information once the beta version goes live.

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