Lost Light opens pre-registration for selected regions, new trailer drops as-well

Lost Light is one of the most exciting upcoming games. Lately, we have been getting PC and console games on smartphones, which is also great however getting original high-quality games excites us more. This particular title is from NetEase who is quite experienced in the industry. Hence, we have high hopes for this one. Last month, the game was soft-launched in UK and Germany. Now, the title is available to pre-register for many more regions. Plus, we also have some new updates for the game. Below are all the details of the new Lost Light pre-registration regions and more.

Lost Light is now available for pre-registration

If you live in Russia, the US, or Canada then congratulations as you can pre-register for Lost Light. However, note that the pre-registration is available only for the Android operating system. We hope to see the game being available for more regions soon. Apart from the pre-registration news, the developers also dropped a 30-second action-packed trailer. Have a look at the new trailer below:

What the game is all about?

lost light pre-registration

To survive in this highly competitive market, NetEase has to offer the best experience with this game. For now, it looks promising to say the least. What it promises is the best shooting experience. If you want to spice up your gaming, then this title will be suitable. It has a wide range of weapons. But that’s not it. The major pas is the authentic firearm customizations where you can choose different scopes, gripes, and suppressors. The game gives you the option to select weapons according to style.

And that’s not it. It is a survival title at the core. It lets you put you on a battleground. And survival is your goal. You will be trying to get the best weapons possible by using a player-based economy. Running into enemies, killing them, and take their loot is what you should expect from Lost Light. If this excites you and you reside in either Russia, the US, or Canada, then make sure to pre-register for the game on Google Play Store. If you liked the Lost Light pre-registration news, then stick around as we will keep you updated whenever there is a latest happening regarding the game.

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