Battlefield Mobile beta is coming soon for Android smartphones

We all are excited to see Battlefield Mobile. Battlefield is a popular gaming series. It all started with Battlefield 1942 which was released in 2002. Coming to 2021, the series has multiple titles including Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, and the upcoming Battlefield 2042. Why is Battlefield so famous? Well, the simple answer is a breathtaking first-person shooter experience. But that’s what we have seen for PC and consoles. What about the Mobile version? Well, we will know once it releases. For now, the latest news is that we are going to see playtests for the upcoming game in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Battlefield Mobile was announced in April. Shockingly, it is not a port but a brand new Battlefield game made from scratch. However, it will keep its core values from the original games. The Mobile version is also a first-person shooter. You will be making squads and beating your enemies with your best possible loadouts. It has different game modes and also has competitive gameplay. In a nutshell, it will be very similar to Call Of Duty Mobile. However, players will be able to distinguish between the different styles of the game.

Battlefield Mobile beta starting this fall

Battlefield Mobile beta

The developers plan to launch the game sometime in 2022. However, the beta testing of the game will start this fall in the Philippines and Indonesia. The beta testing will consist of “a series of smaller playtests” and more regions will also be added eventually. The beta test will include a single map – Grand Bazaar. It will also only feature Conquest game mode. Finally, EA also shares that it will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases (for cosmetic items). Most probably, you will see battle pass like purchase items. We will keep you posted whenever there is more news regarding Battlefield Mobile.

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