How to get Moco Baseball Bat skin for free in Free Fire

One of the ingredients for Free Fire’s success is its never-ending events. The game never stops with new events. These events are engaging as they give a lot of rewards for doing certain tasks in the game. The most recent Free Fire event is called Moco Rebirth. For those unaware, the original Moco is known as a legend of Cyber World. Her ability is that she can hack into any computer. Now with the new Moco Rebirth event, players will get a chance to win several items doing certain tasks.

To get the Moco Baseball Bat, all you have to do is log in for a continuous period of time. You can get plenty of rewards for logging in from September 6 until September 13, so make sure to make out sometime during these days. You will 3 rewards by logging in. For the first day of login, you will get Gold Royale Voucher. For 3 days of login, Weapon Royale Voucher, and finally, for 5 days login, you will get Moco’s Swing skin. The new event is not just about these few rewards, but there is a lot more to it.

Moco Awaken and new game mode

Moco Baseball bat

The event itself will run from September 6 to September 26. You will get many items in this time including pet skin, parachute skin, and pan skin. But the main highlight is Moco Awaken that will be unveiled on September 18. Not only, that a new mode will go live on the same date called Strong Hold. In this mode, there are 2 teams comprising of 4 players each. The goal is to capture money printing machines which will give your team money. Killing an enemy means you will get more money and you will get better weapons. We will have more information once the mode goes live on September 18, so stay tuned.

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