Asseto Corsa Mobile launched on iOS

Developed by 505 Games, Asseto Corsa Mobile is finally reaching iOS and iPadOS devices. The game was created based on the “main franchise” which is available for consoles and PC. The new version for iPhone, iPad devices, and macOS devices with M1 Chip will be available for $4.99 at Apple’s App Store.

Asseto Corsa Mobile is a racing simulator, inspired by the main games from the franchise. The original games are strongly supported by the community. 505 Games confirmed the arrival of 59 new officially licensed vehicles for the game. It includes the Abarth, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, and Toyota. Furthermore, there are tracks based on real places such as Brands Hatch ( United Kingdom), Laguna Seca (EUA), Imola (Italy), and more.

There are six game modes, namely Free Training, Classic Race, Time Attack, Overtake, and Speed Camera. Moreover, the game comes with different gameplay options. Users can use the device’s accelerometer to control the vehicle or can switch to on-screen buttons. Of course, Asseto Corsa Mobile also supports gamepads. The game also brings realistic systems like weather and day/night.

So far, the game has received a mixed reception from players. Some users are complaining due to the quality of graphics in the game. Moreover, the title does not provide a way to customize the graphics option depending on the smartphone. Moreover, the physics aren’t very reliable, and the soundtrack and sound effects aren’t the best. Last but not least, the players are complaining about the controls. They are also comparing the title with Grid Autosport Mobile.

For now, these users are waiting for an update the can fix the issues presented by the title. With the bad critics, the game currently has a rating of 2.6 stars out of 5 based on 33 reviews on App Store.

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