Here’s why iPhone 13 Pro is a promising option for smartphone gaming

Apple just announced the iPhone 13 lineup. It consists of 4 new smartphones named iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and finally the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The vanilla and Mini are slightly enhanced versions of the previous generation. However, the Pro version offers something that Apple has never offered before. It is a step in the right direction and it’s a feature that will be loved by gamers.

ProMotion display, first time on an iPhone!

iPhone 13 Pro for gamers

ProMotion is a long-awaited feature for iPhone. It is a fancy word for a 120Hz refresh rate. For those unaware, standard devices come with a 60Hz refresh rate display. However, with advancements in technologies, smartphones can run high refresh rate content easily. So why is ProMotion important for smartphone gamers? Well, before we jump into that question, let’s check out what the refresh rate actually is.

By definition, refresh rate is a frequency with which the image on a display screen is refreshed. So it is a number of times an image refreshes on the display. The more the rate, the more smoothness of the display. And that is the reason why ProMotion display is important for gamers. A smartphone with a ProMotion display will make more information reach your eyes, and offer smooth gameplay.

Now, looking into the competition, this feature is not brand new. Even $200 Android smartphones offer a high refresh rate of 90Hz to even 120Hz. And gaming phones even go up to 144Hz refresh rate. But Apple being Apple, this feature came out late. Although it makes the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max one of the best smartphones for gaming. Not only do they have a ProMotion display but also have the credibility of an everlasting strong processor. There is no doubt that whatever game your throw at iPhone 13 Pro, it can run it and it will be strong for years to come.

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