Star Wars Hunters: First images with gameplay have emerged

Star Wars: Hunters was first introduced in February. At the time, producer Zynga had released only one Tease Trailer. Now, there was a new trailer showing the characters and also new images of the game appeared. Check out what this new multiplayer battle game with Star Wars characters looks like.

Star Wars Hunters

For those unaware, Star Wars: Hunters will be a 4×4 battle game with characters from the famous movie franchise. The players will compete in 4 vs 4 team battles in a variety of arenas inspired by Star Wars locations. Players will mix and match teams and use skills and tactics to dominate in dynamic, fast-paced battles. They will need to find a winning strategy, challenge friends and reap the spoils of the victory.

The images show a game with a detailed look and characters with varied abilities. It will be possible to use characters with laser guns, light sabers, and even use the “Force”.

Interestingly, Star Wars: Hunters looks a lot like a game in the “Hero Shooter” style. That’s a subgenre that so far hasn’t been very successful on mobile devices. Apparently, the company is taking some risks here. So far, there is not much info about the new game. However, we can expect it to come with a third-person perspective and beautiful graphics.

Now we have to wait and see what the future has in tow for this game.


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