“VS AI” Mode is out on PUBG Mobile, here is everything you need to know

PUBG Mobile keeps on getting new game modes to keep the players engaged. The latest update of the game is 1.6 and it was recently released. Many new features were released with this new update. One of the most exciting modes of this update is”VS AI” Mode. As the name suggests, the mode lets you take on fights with bots. You must be wondering that it is very easy to fight bots but the bots of this mode are more advanced. There are difficulty levels according to you, and many other things you should know before playing this mode.

What is “VS AI” Mode?

Livik map PUBG Mobile

Playing against AI Bots is not something new. Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also have similar modes. But the bots on CS: GO are better than an average skilled real player. Coming back to PUBG Mobile, the “VS AI” mode features the 2×2 map Livik. It is not available on any other map. This game mode also only works in squad battles. There are also two difficulty levels including  Easy and Normal. There is a third one named Hard but it is yet to come. We would recommend choosing Normal mode as it offers a good experience.

Follow these tips to ace your “VS AI” mode matches

VS AI Mode
Credits: GuruGamer

Once you are in the game, make sure to drop somewhere other than your teammate. If you land with your teammate, chances are your kills will be stolen. Hence, land separately and only in popular areas like Midtstein, East Port, Blomstein, etc. We also recommend that you do not use vehicles as bots tend to appear less when you are moving at high speeds. Also, there is a chance that you may get killed by a bot if you are careless so make sure that your teammate is too far otherwise you won’t get a chance to be revived.

“VS AI” Mode seems great for now. It is a fun mode especially for beginners and even those who want relaxed gameplay without the stress of winning the game. We hope to see “hard” difficulty levels too!

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