PUBG: New State launch is drawing near

Apparently, the hype for PUBG: New State is quite exponential. According to a new announcement, the game has now crossed the 40 million pre-registers milestones. The new Battle Royale upgrade will come for Android and iOS in 2021 and according to the producer, the launch date will be disclosed soon.

PUBG: New State’s executive producer, Minkyu Park, commented:

“We’re focusing on evaluating the feedback received during the second alpha test of PUBG: NEW STATE and further polishing the game before the official release this year. We dedicate all of our resources to ensuring that PUBG: NEW STATE meets fans’ expectations, both in entertainment and stability.”

PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State is being created from the zero by PUBG Studio, the pioneer in the battle royale genre. The focus here is clearly to improve the overall quality of graphics. It will also bring quality of life improvements for the battle royale. After all, after all those years, companies need to keep the genre engaging as it is starting to be tiresome for users. The game is also leaving some bizarre elements to introduce in PUBG and will be more futuristic while less Apocalyptic.

As expected, the game will be available for iOS and Android devices for free. According to Apple’s Apple Store, the game will reach iOS devices on October 8. However, that date may be just a placeholder. We’ll know soon enough. As the team is doing final adjustments to reveal the big launch.
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